Cutesy Cats Assemble! We luvz motion-sensing game Skipping NYAN-P

  • Hold your iPhone in front of you and give it a shake to make the NYAN-P jump.
  • If a NYAN-P is caught by the rope, it's out! The game ends when there is no cat left.
  • When the rope starts spinning quickly, give a big shake to your iPhone for a big jump! Make a new record by mastering the art of the double under!!

*The NYAN-P are capricious (they are cats after all). They sometimes refuse to jump if you shake your iPhone up and down too strongly, or might mistakenly think they should jump if you move your iPhone quickly down. When the NYAN-P won't jump as you would like them to, try gently moving your iPhone as though you were scooping them up.

"Meow! We becomez inside app and can iz becomed big starz!"

This is the story of the "NYAN-P" bunch, a group of strange cats who learned that their bird and other animal friends became famous by being featured in all kinds of apps.

Hoping to have their own app featuring them, they moved close to a company rumored to be creating generally weird apps.

"To become inside app, furst we must haz strength and teemworks and stuffs!"

… This might be a bit off the mark, but the NYAN-P bunch decided to start jumping rope training.

And they trained relentlessly, skipping day and night in pursuit of their dream to appear in an app.

But there was something the NYAN-P bunch didn't know. The people at PSOFT MOBILE had noticed them training and this inspired them to create a new app …

Wallpapers for iPhone and iPod Touch

How to save a wallpaper:
Tap the wallpaper image you want to save.
After the wallpaper opens, press the image for 2 seconds and select "Save Image" from the menu that appears.
*Please look at this page to learn how to change your wallpaper.


  • iPhone (3GS or later), iPod touch (3rd or later).
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
    *Does not support iOS 11 and up.

・Hold the device firmly and be careful not to drop or throw it.
・Make sure you have enough space around you to avoid bumping into things.
・PSOFT MOBILE takes no responsibility for accidents or injuries that may occur while playing the game.


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